Artistic Director - TBA

General Manager – Beverly Growden

Education Coordinator & Public Programs - Amanda Coleman

Technical Manager – Tom Rowney

Building and Facilities Technician – Danilo Enders-Moje

Artistic Programs Coordinator – Ruth White

A/Financial  & Business Manager – Peter Bayliss

Finance Administrator – Stephanie Hayes

Marketing Manager – TBA

Marketing Coordinator (Inhouse Graphic Designer) – Annabelle Davidson

Visitor Experiences Supervisor – Jessica Casha

Visitor Experience Assistant – Katrina Ramm

Corporate Services Assistant – Debbie McIntosh

Make Your Own Guide – Sui Jackson




What's Hot this Week

  • Evelyn Dunstan 6 Day Professional Workshop

    Evelyn Dunstan 6 Day Professional Workshop

    Evelyn Dunstan is teaching a 6 Day Masterclass - 28 April to 3 May 2014. Click image to apply Now!

  • A Window on Learning!

    A Window on Learning!

    Our school program aims to engage with young people through glass, an important material in our everyday life and a medium of endless possibilities for artistic use. We offer a range of tours and classes for children from 4-18 years.

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