Canberra Glassworks is Australia’s leading glass centre that supports artists by fostering their artistic development. We provide state of the art glass making equipment, artist residencies and activities  for the  production, exhibition and  promotion of art, craft and design within the medium of glass. Canberra Glassworks provides the public with the authentic and unique opportunity to view art being created by the artists.

Below are some of the artists who use the centre.

2015 Creative Fellow

Matthew Curtis

Studio tenants

Nick Adams
Christine Atkins
Brian Corr
Debra Jurss
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello
Lucy Palmer
Emilie Patteson
Tom Rowney
John White
Melinda Willis

Regular hirers

Annette Blair
Lisa Cahill
Spike Deane
Ben Edols
Alexandra Frasersmith
Holly Grace
Brian Hirst
Peter Nilsson
Kirstie Rea
Luna Ryan
Harriet Schwarzrock

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