Seven days a week from 8am to 5.30pm with extended hours on Mondays to 8pm.


Major/mid/minor torch

$20/ 1 hour session +GST

$70/ 4 hour session +GST

12 hour major/mid/minor flameworking pass    $200 +GST


Carlisle CC burner/Red Max

$40/ 1 hour session +GST

$140/ 4 hour session +GST

12 hour Carlisle/Red Max flameworking pass     $300 +GST


Standard Usage is one small Woodrow bead kiln per session for annealing. If you anticipate exceeding standard usage or require something special, please let the Artists Programs Co-ordinator know.



CGW does not require the booking of the torches, however if you want to guarantee a torch at a certain time please contact the Artists Programs Co-ordinator.

For bookings contact the Artistic Program Coordinator 02 6163 4519 (direct), e-mail: artistic.programs@canberraglassworks.com or if you’re in the Red Room dial 119.



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CGW Pass & Membership Guidelines


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