Kiln forming

Bookings: For bookings email the Artistic Program Coordinator or phone (02) 6163 4519.

Cancellations: 24 hours notice is required to cancel a booking. 50% of hire fee will be charged if less notice is given.


Seven days a week from 8am to 5.30pm with extended hours on Mondays to 8pm.


Car Kiln $63.95 (plus GST) per day
Small Paragon kiln (Kiln 1, 2, 3, 4, 21, 22 and 23) $19.40 (plus GST) per day
Medium Nabertherm (Kiln 101 - casting) $58.21 (plus GST) per day
Small BVD (Kiln 12 and 13)$27.90 (plus GST) per day
Small Nabertherm(Kiln 14 and 15 - casting)$21.83 (plus GST) per day
Small Woodrow (Kiln 18 and 19 - casting)$19.40 (plus GST) per day
Large Woodrow (Kiln 25 - casting)$33.08 (plus GST) per day
Big Blue (Kiln 6)$84.89 (plus GST) per day
Large BVD (Kiln 8 and 9)$36.38 (plus GST) per day
Annealer 10, 11 and 27$36.38 (plus GST) per day
Small Paragon (Kiln 5)$19.40 (plus GST) per day
Extra Large BVD (Kiln 26)$49.35 (plus GST) per day

Kiln specifications

Small Woodrow kiln specifications
Large Woodrow kiln specifications
Small BVD kiln specifications
Large BVD kiln specifications
Small Paragon kiln specifications
Paragon kiln specifications
Medium Nabertherm kiln specifications
Car kiln specifications
Big Blue 6 kiln specifications
Big Blue 7 kiln specifications

Further information

Download the PDF Useful info for Kilnforming


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