With and Without: Working with the fundamentals

The Fundamentals

Gravity, heat and centrifugal force are the fundamentals. When working with hot glass, learning glassmaking skills is an embodied experience that occurs through repetition and practice, essentially via the development of tacit knowledge. This is the focus of the workshop.

Understanding the movement and flow of hot glass we focus on doing, watching, making and remaking. It will be fun and busy time. Getting as much hands on experience as possible is a key part of the course which starts with a series of basic exercises where students learn about posture and a philosophical understanding of the material. From there, with practice, students will develop skills to enable them to quickly make a limited variety of hot formed component pieces that will go together to make larger installation piece at the end of the workshop.

Hot glassmaking offers an exciting and challenging area of exploration for artists interested in creating installation artworks while concurrently gaining an intimate understanding of the glass.

With (Furnace)

Working with a furnace is easy. It is easy to get hot glass quickly – it is what you do with it once you have it which is the focus of the first few days. As students become familiar with the equipment and each other, they undertake a series of exercised to learn about the glass – not to make something – but to learn. Then once more familiar, they can start to create various forms and vessels, as they consider the application of these components towards the development of installation considerations. Together we work as a team towards the creation of an installation to be completed by the end of the workshop will be one of our aims. Experimentation is encouraged and many glass pieces will be produced: – precious, extraordinary, weird and crazy, all created within the 5 days of making.

Without (Furnace)

The course will address situations without a furnace. A variety of hot glass techniques will be explored and adapted to a furnace-less situation. Working with pick up ovens and glory holes – glass will be heated, sculptured and blown to offer a different way to work with hot glass. Recycling, reusing and reworking glass will be a key aspects of the course – looking beyond to a time when a furnace may not always be available or a viable option.

Most of our time will be spent in the hot shop – hands-on – learning ways to working with the material, getting hot, working with others and moving effectively around the studio.

With a minimum of tools – much can be achieved. Students will be busy working to develop their own understanding and practice as well as working together undertaking a variety of skill based exercises to develop an appreciation for posture, movement, heat and flow. Learning how you move and response to the glass is something that is initially taught and then later intrinsically experienced.

Dates:October 17 to 21, 2018
Time:9am to 5pm
Skill level:Intermediate to Advanced
Booking:Book online

B Jane Cowie

B. Jane Cowie has been working with glass for over 25 years. After gaining a Degree in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, her commitment to art making, desire to learn and passion for glass inspired her to travel extensively. She has worked in numerous glass making studios and factories in Australia, England, Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore, India and China to develop her making skills and gain an intimate understanding of glassmaking techniques and applications.

Jane played an important role in the development of contemporary craft in South Australia as a Board Member of the JamFactory Craft and Design Centre from 1995 till 2001 and as Board Member of Craftsouth, Centre for Contemporary Craft and Design from 1993 till 2001. She was also on the Board of Ausglass: the Australia Association of Glass Artists (1993 till 2002) and President for 2 years 1999-2001, coordinating the first Ausglass Conference to be held in Perth , Western Australia in 2001. Jane has curated numerous exhibitions and taught glass making in a variety of institutions and private studios around the world since 1990.

In 1997 her pursuit for knowledge lead her to undertake further research about the development of studio glassmaking in South Australia, the topic of her thesis being “A glassmakers Perspective: History and Practice of Studio Glassmaking in South Australia 1970 till 2000″. The thesis involved the re-making of iconic artworks produced in South Australia to gain an experiential understanding of the objects being investigated. A ‘makers’ understanding of the objects which differing from an ‘observers’ understanding of the objects meant Cowie offered new insights regarding the history and practice of studio glassmaking in South Australia. A ‘makers’ understanding of an object differs from an ‘observers’ understanding of the object due to the experiential relationship a maker has with process and practice. Thus tacit knowledge was a key element used in her thesis methodology.

Cowie has continued to exhibit widely in private and public galleries since the 1980’s in Australia, Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore and is included in many public and private collections in Australia and Europe.

Cowie had traveled extensively in England, Europe and the USA, however she wanted to learn more about ‘the neighbors’ closer to home and Australia. In 2003 she moved to Singapore to take up a position as glass Lecturer at the Lasalle College of the Arts. Her interest in art making continued and soon after she was offered a secured a position as Glass Artist within a Singaporean Architectural Glass and Design Company. She worked with this company for 4 years and during this time her interest in large scale architectural artglass installations emerged.

Working with larger teams of glassmakers, clients, designers and architects, Cowie has been contributing to the built environment by designing, making and installing artworks and large art glass installations that are purpose built for private and commercial spaces. Cowie manages to continue to develop her practice as an individual artist while participating in large projects as the consultant artist, designer, problem solver and production supervisor.

In 2006 Cowie founded her own company Art Glass Solutions Pte Ltd. As Creative Director her work continues to develop in scale and diversity working with an increasing amount of different materials such as metal, fabric, ceramics, artglass (a composite resin based material) – selecting the best material suitable for each project. The development of size and scale continues to increase as does her portfolio of completed projects. Unique artworks, lighting features and architectural installations have been created for private homes, commercial offices, prestigious hotel lobbies and public spaces in Singapore, the Philippines, Macau, Malaysia and China.

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