Steven Ciezki

Life on the Rails

About the class

Explore 2018 Art Group Creative Fellow Steven Ciezki’s book, Life on the Rails: Intermediate Glassblowing Techniques, along with in-depth glassblowing demonstrations to thoroughly understand the hidden properties of glass. The class will strive to visualize success in the sketchbook and address common troubleshooting issues along the way.

The scope of the class will focus on efficient use of heat and gravity, learning to work hotter and faster to effortlessly create centered and symmetrical blown forms. Basic set-ups for simple shapes will be used as a foundation for creative thought and artistic design.

Class details
Dates4 to 7 April 2018
Skill levelMinimum two years glass blowing experience essential
BookingsBook onlineBook online

About Ciezki

Steven Ciezki’s artistic journey is represented by twenty years of drawing and nine years of glassblowing, painting, and photography. He received his BFA in glass at Illinois State University in 2012. Glass has taken Steven to all corners of the country as a student, teacher, and professional glass artist. Teaching opportunities in Arizona ultimately led to the creation of his book Life on the Rails: Intermediate Glassblowing Techniques. The title describes both his nomadic lifestyle as well as the rails at the bench where hot glass is shaped by hand.

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