The Canberra Glassworks Education Program provides opportunities for the whole community to engage with the exciting and inspiring creation of glass art.

The program includes Gallery Talks and hands-on classes for one-off day visitors, for young artists (aged 8-17), and for adults at a variety of levels, including advanced classes for practising artists.

The program covers a wide variety of techniques including flame working, glass blowing, cold working, kiln forming and casting.

Short Courses or Beginner Classes teach participants core glass working techniques from first principles.

On-going classes provide those with some experience the opportunity to apply and extend their skills to create more accomplished works and gain a more thorough understanding of processes.

Intensive Professional Workshops provide specialist in-depth workshops in advanced glass working methods with national and international artists at the top of their field.

Gallery Talks  are held at 10.30am on the first Saturday after an exhibition opens.  Each talk features the artist or artists who are currently exhibiting dicussing their work and providing insight into their techniques and inspirations.

School Holiday Programs are held every school holidays and include both kiln-formed tile sessions and more indepth 3 hour classes as well as a Kid’s Design Competition held at least once every year.

School Tours and Experiences are tailor made and usually include a tour of the historic building and the artist facilities around the Canberra Glassworks as well as a tile making session for students.

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