The Canberra Glassworks offers you the chance to learn more about a particular glass technique in one of our adult education classes. This is a great opportunity to have a ‘hands on’ experience here at the Glassworks as well as creating something beautiful that you can take home. We run a class weekend at the beginning of each month and offer classes in Glassblowing, Flameworking, Engraving, Plate Making and Glass Sculpture. Each of our classes are taught by professional glass artists who use the centre. Every class is different so there is always something for everyone.

All Adult Short Courses are booked through CIT at

If a short course isn’t your thing, why not try our Off-The-Street (OTS) sessions where you create a paperweight in just 20 minutes in a one-on-one experience in the Hotshop?

Window of Light and Colour  NEW CLASS

Have you done a stained glass class and fallen in love with the beauty of a window full of light and colour? Have you always been fascinated by the possibilities of fused glass? Whatever your reason this class will be sure to brighten up your home! Use coloured glass to create a panel to hang in your window that is 36x 24cm. This is a fused window so there is no toxic lead to handle. Learn the basic elements of design as well as how to cut and fuse glass in this class.

Beginning Flameworking

If you would like a class that has a bit of a slower pace but still gives you the opportunity to work with hot glass then you might be interested in our Beginning Flameworking class. In this class you will also learn how to manipulate the glass while it is hot, all while sitting down. Flameworking gives you the chance to make smaller, more detailed objects than glassblowing does.

Carve a Cup

Learn how to use some of the Glassworks specialty carving equipment in the Carve a Cup class. You will learn how to use these machines to engrave pictures of plants and animals, create an abstract design or script onto vessels. This is a great way to introduce a graphic element to a glass vessel or panel. The Glassworks will provide 2 glasses per student which were handmade here, you are also welcome to bring along a glass object of your own.

Create a Plate

Have you ever wondered how to cut glass? In our class Create a Plate, you can learn how. Also learn the basics of fusing glass or kiln forming. In this class you will design and make 2 coasters and a square plate. This class has a strong focus on design and there is no direct heat or use of machines.

Glass Sculpture for Beginners

In the class Glass Sculpture for Beginners, students make a clay sculpture and then learn how to transform the clay into an exact glass replica. This is our most ‘hands on’ class. There is no direct heat or use of machines in this class but there will be clay and plaster used.


What's Hot this Week

  • Make Your Own

    Make Your Own

    Working one-on-one with an experienced glass blower, be guided through the processes to make a stylish paperweight. Saturday and Sundays from 10am – 4pm. Bookings essential - call 02 6260 7005.

  • Be part of the Canberra Glassworks team!

    Be part of the Canberra Glassworks team!

    Like many cultural organisations within Canberra and around Australia, assistance from a strong, committed and dedicated team of volunteers is helping to ensure the long-term success of Canberra Glassworks.

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