Short Courses

Canberra Glassworks hold short courses every first weekend of the month all year round.  Participants are taught by highly respected artists in small class sizes.  For those who are fascinated by the art of glass and all the forms it takes these classes are a wonderful opportunity to explore this art further. If you’ve tried an Make Your Own session and are keen for more, then these classes are for you.


All adult short courses are booked through CIT Solutions at


Introduction to Glass Blowing                                                                                          

Beginning Glassblowing is the best way to get down amongst the action here at the Canberra Glassworks. Spend 2 days on the hotshop floor with artists learning the basics of glassblowing. Gather molten glass out of the furnace and learn to shape it into vessels. You will be encouraged to work in teams as well as receiving one-on-one instruction with an emphasis on safety and teamwork. This is an exclusive class with only four places offered a month. Enrol now so you don’t miss out. No glass working experience is required.

Duration: 10am-4.30pm x 2 sessions – Saturday and Sunday                                                                                   

Dates: 4 & Sun 5 July

1 & Sun 2 August

5 & Sun 6 September

3 & Sun 4 October

7 & Sun 8 November

5 & Sun 6 December


Cost: $530 (min of 3, max of 4 participants).


NEW CLASS – Next Step – Glass blowing                                                          

Are you keen to get back into the hotshop and learn more about glassblowing? Have you taken the Beginner glassblowing course before? This Next Step class will consolidate what you have learnt in Beginner Glassblowing. Work on your beginner skills to gain more confidence and experience. Day one will be revising what you have learnt and to re-familiarise yourself with the Hotshop and the molten glass. Day two will be working on developing your skills a little further. This is an exclusive class with only four places available

Participants must have completed Beginner Glassblowing class within the past two years.

Duration: 10am-4.30pm x 2 sessions – Saturday and Sunday                

 Dates: 18 &19 July

15 &16 August

19 &20 September

17 & 18 October

14 & 15 November

19 & 20 December


Cost: $530



Beginning Flameworking                                                                                      

What is flameworking? It is the art of melting and shaping glass over a hot torch or flame. The glass can be made into marbles, perfume bottles, sculpted animals and much more! This class is perfect for you if you have done a beading class and want to explore the medium further or if you want to learn how to make beautiful sculpted objects in glass. Think glassblowing on a smaller, more intimate scale.

No glass working experience is required.

Duration: 10am-4.30pm x 1 session

 Dates: Sat 1 August

Sat 3 October

Sat 5 December


Cost: $320 (minimum 4, maximum 8 participants)                                                  



Window of Light and Colour

Have you done a stained glass class and fallen in love with the beauty of a window full of light and colour? Have you always been fascinated by the possibilities of fused glass? Whatever your reason this class will be sure to brighten up your home! Use coloured glass to create a panel to hang in your window that is 36x 24cm. This is a fused window so there is no toxic lead to handle. Learn the basic elements of design as well as how to cut and fuse glass in this class.

No glass working experience is required.

Duration: 10am-3.30pm x 1 session

 Dates: Sat 1 August

Cost: $320 (minimum 4, maximum 8 participants)



This exciting new course led by engraver Peter Nilsson will teach you how to create pictures on glass. If you’re interested in calligraphy and sketching, this class is for you! You will be taught the basics of engraving by making pictures and text with lines engraved with a dentist’s drill. We will also look at the old technique of “Intaglio” (negative reliefs) that creates a semi three-dimensional expression. We provide two pieces of floatglass for practicing and two tumblers for you to create some personal designs. You are more than welcome to bring something in transparent glass to work on, just make sure that it is more than 3 mm thick.

No glass working experience is required.

 Duration: 10 am – 4 pm x 1 session

Start dates:


Cost: $260 (minimum 2, maximum 4 participants)



 Glass Casting     

Has it been since Kindy since you had fun with Clay?  Our glass casting class might be the class for you. One of the very talented Canberra Glassworks glass artists will guide you through the process of transform your ideas from clay to glass. Class is relaxed and fun suited to all level.

 Duration: 10am-3.30pm x 1 session

 Dates: Sat 4 July

Cost: $320 (minimum 4, maximum 6 participants)  



Create a Plate                                                                                                              

Make a piece of artwork that is not only beautiful but functional as well. Have you ever wondered how to cut or fuse glass? In one session you will learn the basics of kiln forming whilst creating your very own glass plate in this class which has a focus on design. You will design and make 2 coasters and a square plate choosing from a rainbow of coloured glass. There is no glass experience necessary for this class and no contact with direct heat or flames.

No glass working experience is required.

Duration: 10am-3.30pm x 1 session                          

 Dates: Sat 4 July

Cost: $320 (minimum 4, maximum 8 participants)                                                                          


Glass beads on a Sunday with Carole Griffith

Introduction to Bead making with Carole Griffiths: Carole is an established bead artist and an inspiring teacher; her classes are very popular and loads of fun. Learn how to melt molten glass and make your own unique glass beads using a lamp working torch. -.  Expect to make around 20 beads using several techniques in this 3 hour session. Book early as classes are popular.

No glass working experience is required.

Duration: 10am- 1.00pm x 1 session

Dates: Sun 5 July

Cost: $260 (minimum 4, maximum 6 participants)                      



More information:

All classes are held at the Canberra Glassworks, 11 Wentworth Ave, Kingston.

There are no hidden costs for class, all materials are provided. Participants must be 14 years or old for all classes. All bookings are done through CIT Solutions.


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