Past winners


Celebrating 100 years of the Kingston Power House

_DSC2213 _DSC2209
Elijhah Hickman

aged 6

The Hotshop One Hundred

made by Annette Blair

Benjamin Kendell

aged 3

Glassworks – The Hotshop

made by Spike Dean

_DSC2218 _DSC2203
Aniela Matkowski

aged 10

Kingston Powerhouse Platter

made by Ruth Oliphant

Laela Hourigan

aged 10

Flower (Canberra bluebell)

made by Kirstie Rea


Funny faces

Gabrielle McCormack

Cup to be used as a flower pot

aged 5

made by Simon Maberley

Jade WilliamsMiss Vase

Chief Ministers Award

made by Annette Blair

Audrey Hickman

Rainbow Nincom Poop

aged 7

made by Lisa Cahill


Lauren Therin
Sour Eyed Lionaged 9made by Kirstie Rea 



The Big Birthday Party!

2012-jack-halton  2012-koby-grech
Jack Halton

ages 3-7

kiln design

Koby Grech

ages 3-7

hotshop design

2012-rachael-lebditch 2012-estelle-warner
Rachael Lebditch

ages 8-13

kiln design

Estelle Warner

ages 8-13

hotshop design


Funky flowers

Grace Kuchlmayr

aged 9

Funktastic Flower

Alison Menzies

aged 10

Crazy Tulips!

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