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Genius Loci

5 April to 3 June

Group exhibition
The landscape is a rich starting point for the exploration of a broad variety of topics. From the connection to Country of Australia’s First Peoples through to the contemporary re-imagining of what a landscape is, artists celebrate the beauty, power and fragility of the natural world. In this exhibition the artists share a common interest in landscape. Working with glass they respond in a variety of ways to challenge the viewer’s perception of what is often regarded as a stylistically rigid genre.

Artists: Amy Schleif, Brenda L Croft, Debra Jurss, Brenden Scott French, Denis O’Conner, Emilie Patteson, Hannah Gason, Holly Grace, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Jessica Loughlin, Karen Rogers, Bruce Wilfred and Walter Rogers, Lisa Cahill, Kirstie Rea, Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Janet Laurence

Image: Jessica Loughlin, Unfolding Continuum viii, 2016, kilnformed glass, 460 x 1670 x 20mm. Photo: Rachel Harris

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