The Tree

19 March to 8 May 2014   MG-Streetons-Pencil-box

Curated by Clare Belfrage
Exhibition Design & Coordination by Ruth White

The Tree, an elongated stem or trunk that supports leaves or branches. The theme is interpreted in a myriad of ways; with humour, metaphor and studies of nature.

This is an exhibition of many parts, with works by Matt Curtis, Kirstie Rea, Melinda Willis, Emilie Patteson, Tom Moore, Yusuké Takemura, Mel George, Nudibranch, Ben Sewell, Bridget Thomas, Harriet Schwarzrock, Sui Jackson, Belinda Toll, Holly Grace, Jacqueline Gropp, Suzanne Peck, Tim Edwards, Alana Corr, Erin Conron, Lisa Cahill, Luna Ryan, Christine Atkins, Alexandra Frasersmith, Spike Deane and Clare Belfrage.

Guest speaker: Adam Burgess, Curator of the National Arboretum Canberra
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday, 26 March at 6pm

Gallery Talk: Saturday, 29 March at 10.30am

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