Future Exhibitions


Ranamok 2014

13 August to 18 September 2014

Ranamok Glass Prize 2014 is the twentieth year of this prestigious Australian and New Zealand annual Glass Prize. The finalists’ work in this prize is shown first at Canberra Glassworks where the winner is announced. This show captures the amazing range of artworks currently being made in glass from Australia and New Zealand.

This will be the final Ranamok after 20 years of this national glass art prize.

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday, 12 August at 6pm
Gallery Talk: Saturday, 16 August at 2pm


Absorb – Curated by Olivia Meehan

24 September to 6 November 2014

Curator: Olivia Meehan

An exhibition of curious and exquisite light works and lighting features by artists including  Brian Corr, Ben Edols and Kathy Elliot, Nick Wirdnam and Jeff Zimmer. Known for their sensitivity and innovation in working with glass and light and exploring the powerful relationship between alchemic materials and luminous energy.

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday, 1 October at 6pm
Gallery Talk: Saturday, 4 October at 2pm


Fusion: Glass x Design

12 November 2014 to 1 January 2015

Curator: Magda Keaney

Since ancient times glass has been used for functional purposes to create products used as both solutions to practical problems as well as exquisite technical and aesthetic objects. In our contemporary world the potential for innovation and creativity through the synergy of glass and design is an exciting and dynamic direction for practitioners from both fields that could include paradigm shifting new approaches to architecture, science, adornment and the boundaries of form and function in everyday life. With this in mind we have asked designers and glass artists to work in pairs joining intellect and skills to collaboratively produce a new product or suite of works. The brief will be open with the single practical direction given to keep their work small in physical scale. This cross disciplinary exhibition will include both established and emerging designers and glass artists from across Australia.

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday, 19 November at 6pm
Gallery Floor Talk: Saturday 22 November at 2pm

What's Hot this Week

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    Holiday glass fun!

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    Enrol Now - New CIT classes

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