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Joanna Bone: In Depth

9 November 2016 to 15 January 2017

Artist Joanna Bone and her father spent many hours of her English childhood buying and collecting exotic seashells, and many more hours imagining the exotic environments from which they hailed.  This subconsciously fostered a fascination for pattern and intricacy in natural objects which was reinvigorated when she moved to live in Queensland.

Inspired by found objects including sea grasses, sand dollars and other marine creatures, Joanna Bone has revisited her childhood love of pattern and repetition in this new body of extraordinary glass works. The sense of depth and layers within the surface of these pieces engages viewers and invites intimate observation and quiet contemplation.

Exhibition Opening: 6pm 11 November (part of the Inner South Arts Hub Art After Dark 2016 program)

Gallery Floor Talk: 2pm 12 November

Image: Aaron Micallef


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