Future Exhibitions

Hearts and Minds

25 January to 25 March

Penny Byrne and Harriet Schwarzrock
Hurt Locker aka Samurai-Robocop with his modular body, a lattice of steel grids filled with black glass, alternating in thickness. He is alive with blood pulsing through his frame, his heart glowing orange and red. Harriet’s pulsating, by comparison delicate, interacting neon hearts and incorporating sound are about the biomechanical lifeline housed inside our bodies.

Genius Loci

5 April to 3 June

Group exhibition
The reality and idea of an Australian Landscape has fascinated and inspired non Indigenous Australians for more than 200 years, and for Indigenous Australians the Landscape has not only been crucial to their survival but it carries deep spiritual connections to the Land, Place and People. This exhibition will tease out responses to the physical and abstracted environment, environmental issues and a sense of place.


14 June to 12 August

Group exhibition
A group show highlighting the broad reach and appeal of glass as a contemporary medium. Many successful artists have forged their reputations with the assistance of other artists. This exhibition will showcase the fanciful, exotic and wildly realised dreams of some highly successful artists who have worked with well-known glass artists.

A Profusion of plumes

23 August to 21 October

B. Jane Cowie
B. Jane Cowie is an Australian artist based in Singapore. She has created public art commissions in many parts of the world and most recently at Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2018. These new works created at Canberra Glassworks will coincide with Canberra’s iconic Floriade Festival. See her work colonising the exterior of the Canberra Glassworks.

Hindmarsh Prize

21 September to 1 October

In its third year the Hindmarsh Prize will come of age – following the exhibition in the Fitters’ Workshop, the selected finalists will travel to Japan where it will be exhibited at the internationally renowned Toyama Glass Museum from 26 Oct to 11 Nov 2018. Entries will be open to artists who live and practise in the ACT and region, as well artists who have been in residence or hired at CGW during the 12 months prior to July 16 July.

Illuminated Spaces

1 November to 30 December

Through the interplay of colour, light, narrative and architecture, artists have made deeply moving and technically brilliant stained glass windows. This complex art form that dates from the Middle Ages has been modified by contemporary glass artists, resulting in innovative approaches to the medium.

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