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Curator: Magda Keaney
Dates: 2 December 2015 to 7 February 2016
Artists: Emma Borland (VIC) and Polly Borland (Australia/USA)

This exhibition is a celebration of the work of sisters Emma and Polly Borland. Emma Borland is a glass artist based in Melbourne. Polly Borland, currently based in Los Angeles, is a celebrated contemporary photographer. This exhibition of photography and glass invites us to consider the formal and conceptual qualities of each practice. Similar themes are explored by both artists and it encourages a cross-disciplinary dialogue between glass and photography that extends beyond the literal intersections we would usually encounter.

In Conversation
Emma and Polly Borland with Magda Keaney
5pm, Friday 4 December

Left: Emma Borland, Low, 2014, fused glass panel mounted on stainless steel
Right: Polly Borland, Untitled XXIV from the series SMUDGE, 2010, chromogenic print







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