Past Exhibitions


Home is where the heat is Neil Roberts chances with glass The Chandelier Show
Hindmarsh Prize 2017 Tom Rowney & Zeljko Markov, a joint exhibition  Defining Moments


  cgw_web-exhibition_freshglass cgw_web-exhibition_reflections
 In Depth: Joanna Bone and Aaron Micallef Fresh Glass Reflections
CGW_web-whatson_hindmarsh CGW_web-whatson_sense CGW_web-exhibition_lightTranslations
Hindmarsh Prize 2016 Sense by Takeyoshi Mitsui Light Translations
CGW_web-exhibition_smokestack  CGW_web-exhibition_nostalgia
 Smokestack Piano  Collecting Nostalgia


CGW_web-exhibition_borland CGW_web-exhibition_warriors CGW_web-exhibition_newglass
Borland + Borland The Distant Warriors New Glass 2015
CGW_web-exhibition_weave CGW_web-exhibition_diplomacy
Reinventing the Weave Diplomacy: Translations in Glass


CGW_web-exhibition_glassxdesign CGW_web-exhibition_absorb CGW_web-exhibition_ranamok
Glass X Design Absorb Ranamok Glass Prize
 CGW_web-exhibition_glint CGW_web-exhibition_fabric CGW_web-exhibition_tree
Glint The Fabric of Work The Tree
CGW_web-exhibition_clarity CGW_web-exhibition_observations
Clarity Observations


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