Live Glassmaking




Our Hot Shop, (the place where artists blow glass) is by far the most spectator orientated activity within the facility and has the capacity to captivate the viewer for hours.  It’s worth double checking what’s happening in there before planning your trip but if no artists are booked in you can still take a self guided tour through the area.

On Saturday and Sunday the public can participate in the Make Your Own program. If you’d like to have a go yourself contact us at the center during the week to book in.

On some Sundays, artists book in a “Sunday Gather” session. They discuss over the PA and explain what they are doing. Enjoy, watch and understand the techniques and skills.

In addition to the Hotshop, it is also possible to view artists working in The Engine Room – artists use this area for kiln working, flame working and finishing techniques such as grinding and polishing, known as cold working.

Live Glassmaking is the element of the Canberra Glassworks that make us unique in the Australian landscape.  The work you see being created is not a demonstration for spectator purposes, it is real glass art being created by real artists.

Information that you read on this website and elsewhere is subject to change without notice.  If there is something you particularly wish to see, please contact our Visitor Experiences staff on 02 6260 7005 before your visit.

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