Hotshop Calendar


The Glassworks is primarily a professional artists’ facility, partly funded by the ACT Government.

Artists are charged hiring rates for access to state-of-the-art equipment and technical support, which provides the public with an authentic and unique opportunity to view art being created by the artists.

To ensure you will see artists in action in the hotshop, please check this calendar prior to your visit.

Please note that as artists also need to eat, the hotshop can frequently be empty during lunchtime.

January 13th Ken Unsworth10am - 4pm
Annette Blair10am - 12pm
Jenni Martiniello12.30pm - 4pm
January 14th Scott Chaseling10am - 4pm
January 15th Sunday Gather11am - 3pm
January 16th CLOSED
January 17th CLOSED
January 18th John White10am - 4pm
January 19th Kate Nixon10am - 12pm
Ben Edols12.30pm - 4pm
Scott Chaseling12.30pm - 4pm
January 20th Ben Edols10am - 4pm
Scott Chaseling10am - 12pm
Jenni Martiniello12.30pm - 4pm
January 21stWilhelm Vernim10am - 12pm
Ben Edols10am - 12pm
January 22ndWilhelm Vernim10am - 12pm
Sunday Gather11am - 3pm
January 23rdCLOSED
January 24thCLOSED
January 25thNo Artists
January 26thAusGlass Demonstration 10am - 12.30pm
January 27thAusGlass Demonstration 12.30pm - 4pm
January 28thAusGlass Demonstration 10am - 12.30pm
January 29thSunday Gather11am - 3pm
January 30thCLOSED
January 31stCLOSED

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