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Historic tour – Kingston Power House

Dates: Every Saturday
Time: 11am
Cost: Free

Canberra Glassworks invites you on a special tour of Canberra’s oldest public building – which turns 100 years old in 2015. Designed by John Smith Murdoch, this building was the heartbeat of Canberra in its early years. It powered the development of Canberra, housed its telecommunications system and provided employment for many people across the region.

Canberrans also enjoyed the spoils of the boiler which warmed the nearby swimming hole in the Molongolo River and set their lives by the whistle daily. This free tour will take visitors through the building, exposing some of its historic features and some creative contemporary glass additions.

Bookings: contactus@canberraglassworks.com or phone (02) 6260 7005.





Emma Borland Workshop

Date: Saturday 5 December
Time: 9:30am – 4pm

This workshop will give an introduction to the way in which Emma makes her glass panels. Her approach is informed by her own history as an artist.
In her designs she uses blocks of glass that are arranged to present the finished forms. This process is a synthesis from her time as a stained glass maker and her early work in collage. She uses frits and powders to develop fine details and builds up the work by running multiple firings that control the sharpness of silhouettes and the texture of the finished work.

CLICK HERE for more information.





Art After Dark and Art + Ride

Date: Friday 11 December
Time: 6-8pm

Enjoy this Inner South Arts Hub program and see work produced by Peter Vandermark and Hardy Lohse resulting from their That’s Not Glass! residencies.  We’ll present our first Designer Garage Sale in the Engine Room.  Take advantage of a 10% discount for your Christmas shopping needs, and Make Your Own Christmas decoration with professional artists. Program will be released shortly.




Studio Showing – Katherine Clark, Jeweller

Date: Every Saturday until 19 December
Time: 11am – 12pm

Join Canberra Glassworks and explore what the historic Kingston Power House means to jeweller Katherine Clark, who has been a That’s not glass! resident artist. Every Saturday Kay will be available to talk through her pieces, which are installed in the historic coal chutes of the Kingston Power House. This is a special opportunity to meet Katherine and see her exquisite work which has not previously been exhibited in Australia, in a part of the building not normally accessible to the public.

Born in Italy and educated in London and Italy, Katherine who has exhibited in Europe and shown at London Fashion Week, currently calls Canberra home. This event will display her beautiful jewellery selection, inspired by the architectural structure of the Kingston Power House then developed through a period of intensive research into fashion history in 1915.

In developing these new works, Katherine has taken a wider view of the arts during the year the Kingston Power House was completed in a world marked by the devastation and loss of the first world war. Her works looks at the cross over of symbols of mourning and military dress in magazines such as Vogue and in avant-garde fashion of the day including collars and braid as well as customs of dress related to grieving such as black ribbon. Says Katherine: ‘It was a very interesting period for jewellery design: with the transition from Edwardian, Belle Époque and Art Deco often blurred,’ says Katherine. ‘On a personal level, my grandfather was a pearler at that time — nephew of James Clark, the Pearl King. The same year Gabrielle Chanel opened her first Couture House in France, promoting the virtues of glass “pearls”.’

This program is supported by CBR.

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